The Firm

Dalianis Architects has been designing and constructing in Corfu for more than 50 years. The firm was established by Konstantinos X. Dalianis in 1965 gradually placing the office on the top shelf of the build environment offices, having up to now created more than 2000 projects.


Today, the successful route of the company is furthermore strengthened by the following Dalianis Generations (Dalianis Dimitrios – joined 1990 and Dalianis Konstantinos – joined 2011) and have expanded their portfolio which now offers the following services:

  • Architectural design
  • Building Permits
  • Construction & Management
  • Interior Design


Our long term experience, education, multicultural environment and international influences are deeply embedded in our offices philosophy, proving high end services which are standing out due to their simplicity, functionality and coherency.


Our firm cooperates with distinguished professionals in the construction field, who share the same passion and ideals and who understand our architectural concepts in depth.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the belief that architecture should not be a commodity but a service for all, having the human being in focal point. Functionality and aethetics are integral parts of our society, therefore of architecture too. As a result, through research and design innovation, with clear methodology, we excell in understanding and improving our clients aspirations, proposing rchitectural solutions that are radical and contemprary, meaningful, yet remain respective to the history, area and environment. Research and experimentation gives us the edge to have a clear concept, story and identity, without losing the sense of place or budget/time control, creating unique projects for each different scenario and client, as all of us are different!

Our mission

Our mission is to provide complete and contemporary architecture and construction services which are highlited by refined aesthetics and the attention to each detail. By incorporating creativelly, the clients aspirations and the areas circumstances along with our contemporary architectural philosophy, we want to aid in elevating the quality of life of everyone involved, as well as the environment, whilst at the same time doing justice to the land and the area.


Civil and Structural Engineer

BSc, M.Sc., Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Bradford, England

Since 1991, Dimitrios has deisgned and built a vast number of projects, from residential to industrial buildings. From 1996 he is an Inspector for the Greek Technical Chambers and for the Greek Court Authorities due to his expertise on building / construction sciences and legilslations. From 2006 and after his father retired, is the leading chairman of the firm, whilst from the same year, has been continiously voted in the Inspector Technical Chamber Committee. From 2007 he has the proponent in the Technical courts of the Technical Chambers. From 2012 he is a successfully registered building Construction Inspector not only for the Technical Chambers but for the Governmental body too. Finally, whilst at the same time has managed to take the office forward, he got elected in 2015 as the chairman of the Inspectors Technical Chambers body. He is passionate about construction, design and architecture which he is constantly evolving and managing to excel.



BSc, Prof Dip, RIBA I – RIBA II, Architecture, University of East London, UK

Konstantinos Dalianis has been on the leading working force of our firm since 2010 as an architect. During his academic graduate and postgraduate years, he was involved with a multitude of projects, build and theoretic, spanning from issues such as Regionalism in Architecture (how to create a contemporary project without losing the regional ideals), the use and misuse of inner city landscapes as well as rammed earth workshops funded by Her Majesty the Queen, which aimed in post-disaster shelter housing for 3rd worl countries. Since his return to the office, he has been involved and lead a various number of projects, from architectural meritted competitions, to luxury tourism houses, residential projects and hotel designs. Since 2014 he has been an active member of the architectural community of Corfu, been elected in the directoring board of the architectural Association of Corfu which goal is to enhanve the proffesional education as well as community profile of the Architects. Additionally he has been a member of an architectural team under the jurestriction of the Technical Chambers of Greece called “ Architecture Preservation and Inheritance of the Old Corfiot Town”.

Apart from his efforts in the communal character of the proffesion, his goals are to stay up-to-date with the latest architectural theories and technological advances, whilst at the same time, provide timeless architectural solutions that not only enrich the quality of life of each client, but the offices profile, and the Corfiot landscape too.