Corfu, Nisaki





Plateau Nisaki

Located on the remote steep olive groves of Katavolo in Corfu, the project comprises breathtaking coastal views spanning from Nissaki bay, Corfu town to the Albanian coast.

Designed as a 3-bedroom villa for a joyful French family and their guests to spend their free time and share moments, the residence takes advantage of the glorious sunrises and the summer evening hues.

With a laid-back summer lifestyle in mind and the need for quality family time as our architecture brief, the layout offers a series of interior and exterior spaces, all interconnected, that allow them to experience the house, nature and view in different ways and contexts.

The outdoor spaces, like the sunken sitting area, external fireplace and dining / BBQ area, follow the interior open-plan layout. The day spaces focus linearly on the sea views without losing their visual and functional connection to each other.

The swimming pool area acts as a gathering point for the residents while the rest of the day activities, take place mainly under a horizontal plane which provides shelter from the summer sun or winter’s rain.

The plane, which spans the length of the house, becomes either a pergola or a covered space depending on the season and use, which allows for a seamless circulation between internal and external spaces. It is also dividing the villa into social and private areas, on two different levels. The bedrooms above offer privacy and seclusion while allowing the users to keep engaging with the views and the surrounding olive groves.

The materials are kept simple and natural. Whitewashed rendered walls and raw stone excavated from the site, form retaining walls or house walls that overlap and create a monolithic yet permeable composition. Oversized sliding glazing panels and carefully placed Mediterranean plants, climbers and olive trees create a scenario that promotes an informal summer lifestyle.

The result is a contemporary villa that is born directly from the plot itself, focusing on the sea view and the swimming pool, offering both private and common areas, enhancing the summery experience without sacrificing any modern architectural amenities.

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