Residence in Erimitis, Paxoi

Overlooking the famous Erimitis cliffs in the western shores of Paxos Island, this project takes advantage of the rocky soil and the steep inclination of the plot.

The plot, which is surrounded by centuries-old olive, groves is densely vegetated with local herbs and uses the traditional stepped landscaped treatment of stone drywalls called “lithies”.

We used the amphitheatrical shape and the inclination of the plot, incorporating the stone drywalls and allowing them to shape, zone, and divide the property. As a result, a two-story house dictated by the shapes of the existing stone drywalls was created with the lower level hosting four en-suite bedrooms in addition to a continuous basement level with a sauna, gym, home cinema, and utility spaces as well as externally an arched pergola parking space. On the higher level, where the main entrance is located, an open plan day space is hosting the main kitchen, dining, and living room areas. Large sliding glazing units achieve continuity of the internal spaces with an external kitchen, swimming pool with jacuzzi, as well as large verandas.

The materiality has been kept minimal and neutral allowing nature to be the focal element that surrounds the property, varying from the excavated cliffs on the rear facade, the landscaped stepped patios supported by the pre-existing stonewalls, and the clifftop views of Erimitis beach. Stone walls were chosen for the majority of the facades as stone was found in abundance within the plot. The rest of the House, depending on its orientation and use, has been kept rendered in white colour which acts as a distinction between the day and night spaces as well as enriches the strong textures of the stone walls and the vegetation.

Internally, white-rendered walls, forged concrete floors, and large glazing units were chosen to allow carefully picked traditional wooden furniture to be showcased and act as conversation pieces, without losing the constant connection to the view or the contemporary character of the interior. Finally, the utilisation of the traditional arched elements found in the Ionian islands softens the dynamic facades and jointly with the traditional materiality bathed by the Paxiot sun creates a project which is contemporary yet is drawn from and respects the identity of the place.

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