The structural frame is usually made of reinforced concrete or structural Steel. In the case of structural Steel, the members are connected together strictly with bolts. The section size is the result of detailed structural analysis for which we use cutting edge computer software. Dalianis Architects is one of a few firms in Corfu that curry out our own structural analysis for steel buildings. All our structural designs, comply with the euro codes and can be open or closed cross-sections.
At the floor and roof levels, the top side of the beams, special welded “spikes” (studs) ensure the necessary connection of the steel frame to the concrete slabs and roofs. This will ensure that the concrete slabs will be bonded to the structural frame in a way that they act as a monolithic structural model.
The steel frame members are automatically cut and pierced by robotic machinery in our factory, so that human hands intervene only to screw the metal members together. The Steel Frame is then treated for rust by sandblasting and anti-corrosion paint.