Our long construction field experience and our team’s enthusiasm in research of contemporary building methods and materials, ensures the high quality of our work. We pay special attention at the design stage of our buildings to include practical matters usually ignored by inexperienced designers. This way, we prevent construction problems, defects and completion delay.

The combination of many different materials in a building, requires not only merely knowledge, but awareness of their behavior and long experience in dealing with problems that occur with time, as for example the inevitable foundation subsidence, the influx of moisture, the occurrence  of construction cracks on elevations, etc. The occasional opinion of the non expert, is not enough but on the contrary what is needed is the ever expanding knowledge and experience of the professional in the field.

Our firm specializes in the design, construction and supervision of private buildings such as houses, villas, stores, tourist buildings, hotels, steel buildings and logistics. We use only the best building crews in Corfu, which  have been working with us for the past 20 years.

The main types of construction we use is:

  1. Concrete buildings: The structural frame is made with reinforced concrete and the walls with common bricks. The elevations are finished by applying a three-layer cement mortar plastering.
  2. Steel buildings: The structural frame is made with steel profile “”H” type members and the walls with thermal insulation panels 3D. The internal and external surfaces, are plastered with gunite (sprayed strong concrete).
  3. Stone buildings: The structural frame and the exterior walls are made with local stones, irregularly shaped. There are several ways of stone construction to accommodate the building code required thermal insulation. Usually we have insulation sandwiched between double stone walls.
  4. Wooden buildings: The structural frame and the exterior walls, are made either with timber trunks of the Finnish Company “Kontio”, which is the largest manufacturer of wooden houses in the world or by “timber frame” of the same Company, rendered with cement plaster mortar.
  5. Steel warehouses and Logistics buildings: The structural frame is made of structural steel “H” type frames, while the walls and the coating of the roof are made with 80 mm thick rock wool panels.

We will be happy to help you realize your dream house in Corfu, from conception and architectural designs, to construction and finishing touches.