Architecture and design is the main focus of our firm, involving architecture design, interior design, landscape design and building permits.

We strongly believe that fresh thinking can produce unique architectural experiences on all project scales, regardless of the function or type of it. Based on innovation and backed up by experimentation through theory, design, models, materials and technology accompanied by strong research, we end up in creating projects that are not only functional or aesthetic, but have a strong story or concept behind them, which turns them into experiences, feelings and memories felt through all the senses rather than being “just” buildings.

Regional characteristics are critically placed into projects, blending in with context, whilst at the same time, in-keeping with the minimalism and contemporary feel that is needed, without losing the sense of place or doing injustice to the land. A view, lighting conditions, habits and needs, plot shapes, even laws and legislations can affect the design, in which we think of them as opportunities, rather as constrains, creating architectural experiences that end up being rich, meaningful and functional, challenging, yet remaining aesthetically pleasing while carefully addressing each schedule and budget.

If what you are looking for is not just a building, but a story, a feeling and a sense of place then we would be more than happy in creating together what you have in mind.

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