Leinster Square





London apartment interior design, Leinster sq

The presented interior design and renovation project, designed for a couple in their early 30’s, is located between Notting hill and Bayswater area and sits in front of the leafy Leinster square and gardens. Measuring approximately 50 square meters and being on the lower ground floor level, offers a double bedroom, a common living room and kitchen area, a WC with a built shower and a small external yard. As a concept, it was essential to make it as day-lit as possible, whilst providing enough storage space, amenities and services of a contemporary redevelopment. As a result, the architectural design was based on simplicity, clean and elegant lines while maintaining a clear colour palette, with a dominant white, hidden lighting fixtures and white kitchen cupboards. The wooden flooring was restored and elements such as the heating panels and brick walls were elevated and enhanced to showcase the identity and character of a traditional terrace house. Finally, the design proposal was finished with reclaimed furniture from antique shops which by the use of bold colours, creates a playful and youthful character, similar of its owners. The above project was designed by our firm and brought to reality by the local construction management company Tdjim Interiors.

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