Pentati, Corfu


280 m²


Ongoing 2015

Residence in Pentati Corfu

Facing the Ionian Sea, this plot, full of olive trees and wild herbs, focuses on the sunset and the undisturbed sea views. Located in Corfu, in the rural region of Pentati one can feel the ambience of the summer sun and the unspoiled landscapes that the area gently offers. The brief asks for a 4 bedroom plus a guest-studio summer house for a London based artist and his family of 4 which would respect the existing landscape, create distinguished private and common areas, accent the outdoor summer lifestyle, be environmentally friendly and have a contemporary design approach. Our vision was to gently carve the landscape into habitable areas, without affecting the existing situation, leaving the plot unaffected as much as possible. Additionally, by imagining the plot as a grid we divided the habitable areas into private/public zones depending on a series of filters that affected the location (views, sun control, circulation, materiality etc). As a result the approach led to a courtyard space which invites to the common living areas, gradually unfolding the amazing sea views. Then a series of stepped landscaped external areas create the bbq and pergola zoning as well as the horizon pool. Being affected by the landscape inclination, the master bedrooms and the guesthouse are placed strategically in order to allow undisturbed views, internal circulation and maximum external decks for all volumes. The contemporary lines are toned down by the materiality chosen as the ground floor level is made out of local stone drywall techniques and the top levels are simple white plaster in an attempt to focus on the views rather than the volumes themselves. The environmental character of the project is enhanced by attempting to affect as less of the plot as possible, leaving existing trees and vegetation intact and by using the volumes of the building as a medium for natural ventilation and summer/winter sun penetration strategy.

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