Gimari, Raxi, North East Corfu





Residence in Gimari Corfu

The project is located in Gimari, NorthEast Corfu, within the cosmopolitan coast of Kalami, Kassiopi etc. The site has a strong impact upon inspection as it is located on a steep hill, with stepped stone drywalls placed there dating back to 1910, with a mountain on its front, the ocean on its left side and the traditional village on its back. Therefore, it is a land filled with concept triggers within a unique context. The building, which is behind a stone wall with a few openings for the olive trees that are not moved, hidden from the main village road, invites the visitor to explore and discover it through its journey, details and carefully framed views. It has been analyzed and created with the notion of “moment – experiences” in mind, which means that the whole design is gradually revealing itself to the occupant, allowing them to experience the area through its materiality, views orientation, space organization. The volumes are dynamically finished towards the pool, which overlooks the opposite mountain and sea, and the exterior space, which with the open living room area, especially during the summer, create an exciting and diverse veranda.

The volumes and circulation take into account the existing stone walls, which are not touched, and shape, circulate and define the interior and exterior spaces as a tribute and connection to the areas building and land treatment techniques and cultivated history. The external double height facade is stone cladded, providing a dialogue with the other stone houses of the village, whereas the pigmented bare concrete, continues the rough yet refined faces of the project and showcase the volumes, textures and frames, making it visible from afar. Finally, in terms of environmental design, the house uses a green roof technology, which lowers the temperature within the bedrooms and is also ground for vegetable cultivation used by the executive chef of this tourism property.

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