Moraitika Corfu




Ongoing 2015

Summer properties in Moraitika Corfu

Located on the hills of Moraitika in Central Corfu, this development aims to provide serene relaxation moments to its visitors whilst at the same time being built in a quite dense environment due to the plot size. The houses measuring  66 m² each, consist of 2 en-suite bedrooms, a kitchen/ day room area and an external pool / deck area whereas on the top level, the master bedroom enjoys another deck along with a build in Jacuzzi. The main constrain of the plot was that due to its size and law requirements, the 3 houses could not be more than 4 metres away from each other, meaning  that there was a realistic lack of privacy between the occupants, as well as its orientation which was southeast without a sun path control embedded into the design would make the buildings unsustainable either environmentally or financially. The above issues generated the main project concept which was a full house height south orientated wall, approximately 3 metres away from each house, which would act as a second skin for the buildings, providing privacy, sun control, shaded pergola spaces and as a side effect will stop the prevailing winds that typically blow strong in the area. Then carefully placed vegetation would further enhance the private character of the properties, turning an otherwise disadvantage into a concept trigger.

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