Corfu Town





Old Corfu Town Apartment Refurbishment

Located in the heart of Corfu town, overlooking Vido Island and the Ionian sea, this old apartment dating back to the Venetian Colonial occupation of Corfu, with an archived historic building permit of early 1700s this renovation project was a challenging and exciting one.

Respecting the historical elements of the traditional architecture and at the same time showcasing the bare structural elements used where part of the brief, while at the same time updating the services, circulation, spatial arrangement and aesthetics.

As a result, the original layout was swapped, allowing the day spaces to focus on the magnificent views and allow for an open plan living experience with 3 ensuite bedrooms created as well as utility spaces.

In the main living room area, the bookshelf, which acts as an additional structural element, done from steelsheets serves as a storage unit, informal divider and privacy barrier too.

Similarly, elements that showcase the history of the apartment through the years where meticulously designed and constructed. Such elements were the wood oven chimney turned to a dresser table, the architraves of the wooden doors or the cast iron balustrades which were preserved and refurbished, as well as the exposure of the stone wall, which revealed original hidden elements such as window openings, fireplace remnants and wall colours that where chemically analyzed to be painted to the original 18th century colours . This allowed for the gradual reveal of the narrative of the apartment’s history and its users.

All materials, architectural details and colour palettes used are true to their character and historical references. The rest of the project is completed with the use of hard wood floors, marble slates for both kitchen and bathroom wet areas as well as hidden lighting and heating systems to enhance the ambience of the property without the visual obstructions of the MEP systems used.

Finally, the furniture used is simple and contemporary as the apartment is already historically charged and the need for a more utilitarian approach was present.

The final outcome does justice to the history of the apartment, offering a well lit and light atmosphere, allowing the occupant to enjoy contemporary living with truly unique views, in the heart of Corfu’s historical center.

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