Agios Prokopios, Corfu





Residence in Corfu

Designed and constructed for a 5 person family, this house is located in Agios Prokopios in Corfu. The house is inverted upside-down, which means that the day spaces are on the top floor, where the veranda is located in order to take in the breathtaking views, and the bedrooms on the ground floor, where the external courtyard is located, where the family’s children can play. That way it is ensured that daylight does not penetrate deeply through the bedrooms, whereas in the day spaces the summer/winter sun penetration is controlled by the wooden pergola located on the south front of the house.

The minimalistic colour and spape approach of the design arrives from 2 main concepts. The first one is the hectic lifestyle of the family, which requires functionality and simplicity in other expressions (hence the house) and the contrast between the pergolas and facades extrusions shadows on the white wall, which create clearly defined patterns and change through the day. Finally, the colour is the best background for the owners love for gardening and flower showcasing.

The house uses passive ventilation systems by engaging a stack effect ventilation. This is further enhanced by the atrium space located in the entrance, which sends cool/warm air up the ceiling window, depending on the situation. The house has been built with a steel frame and a composite wall.

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