Tennis Area, Corfu Town


50 sq.m



Apartment renovation in Corfu

Located in Corfu Town in the area known as “Tennis”, this interior design and full renovation was created in Summer of 2015.

The young client asked for a simple apartment with contemporary lines which would accommodate himself and occasional guests and serve his fast-paced lifestyle. Additionally, the client who appreciates all things handmade demanded for as less as possible mass produced elements.

The above led to a simple design with clear contemporary lines, which take advantage of the already logical layout. The small apartment is divided into a larger living room and dining room area, a kitchen space, a common wc/shower, a bedroom with a sliding wardrobe and finally an additional room which serves as a reading space and a gym. The main interior colour is white, in an attempt to make the dim, due to orientation, space as bright as possible.

Elements such as wall/ceiling light fixtures, kitchen desktops/cupboards, dining table and the fireplace are all handmade by the projects contractor, Spiros Riggas, who overtook the whole proccess and led to a successful project and a satisfied client.

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