Gouvia Corfu


240 μ² (120μ²/residence)



Properties for disabled users in Gouvia Corfu

Keeping in mind the narrowness and the triangular shape of the site, the lack of views and having as a basic requirement a complete privacy and autonomy of each house, this study provides two two-storey houses for tourist exploitation in Gouvia Corfu.

With the basic precondition that a holidays decision especially for people with disabilities, is affected by the quality of external spaces, facilities as well as the comfortable and unobstructed circulation of both the interior and exterior planning, it was a challenge to fit all services in a 60 m² plan of each floor, without sacrificing the character or the quality of the spaces.

The overall planning engages in an introvert architectural character, focused on a south-facing pool and outdoor seating, which continues inside on the ground floor of each house, which hosts the day spaces. It is worth noting that the kitchen has been designed in conjunction with the stairway leading to the 1st floor for space saving purposes. Upstairs, there are 2 large ensuite bedrooms, designed in accordance with the current standards for people with disabilities. On the south facades, the projections and the pergolas have a dual role, first to create balconies and also to prevent the entry of the direct summer sun.

The houses are surrounded by a stone wall of 3 meters height, which separates the land from the street and neighboring buildings, while simultaneously unites and creates parking spaces, sitting areas and pergolas in order to give a unified identity in accordance with contemporary characteristics.

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