Corfu Center


101 m2



Yami Sushi & Asian Fusion Restaurant

This interior design and Branding project is located at the Heart of the old Corfu Town Center.

The owner came with a blank concept, knowing that what he wants is a restaurant that reinterprets the traditional asian cuisine, and blend different cuisines together (Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean Fusion). The concept for the restaurant creation was clear from the initial research. Food is not just tasted, but it engages all the senses, which architecture should enhance. The starting point were the zen gardens and the Japanese nature that influences the asian culture. As a result after extensive research and scenarios testing, the ceiling has been transformed into an abstract translation of leaves, with the existing concrete frame as the branches. Under it the tables and chairs are organized in such a pattern/scale and texture as robust rocks and elements within this Zen ambience. The lights study is a representaiton of the everchanging seasons routed deeply in asian cultures as well as glimpses of Sunlight through the “ebracing & welcoming trees”, allowing the visitor to fully engage with the offered cuisine, adding another level of understanding to it.

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