Megalithari, Arillas - North Corfu


90m2 each



Megalithari summer villas in Corfu

A complex of 6 in development villas located in Megalithari in North Corfu, close to Arillas beach. The 3+3 volumes, which are part of a greater hotel scheme which is being realised in parts, take advantage of the natural slopes of the area, and are placed amphitheatrically towards the view. The volumes then are strategically divided between stone cladded and stucco rendered volumes, as a conversation between traditional vs contemporary spaces. The roofs are divided equally between a tiled roof and a green roof in order to allow views from other villas located further back, and to blend in the context. The houses offer 2 ensuite bedrooms with Jacuzzis and an open plan kitchen dining and living room space, which through the large openings blur the lines between the interior and exterior spaces, which is the epitome of a vacations summer house.

The main concept/ story which guides all the decisions, is to allow the visitor to feel welcome in the location, allowing them to experience firsthand the true character of Corfu through build elements – materiality, colors, textures – and unbuild ones that have been used as contextual elements in the design – scents, views, sunlight, vegetation and water. The end result is a true experience of what Corfu is like, not as a fake, theatrical scenery, but as a deep senses engaging scenario.

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