Giannades, North Corfu





Summer Residence in Giannades Corfu

The house is located in Giannades in North Corfu, on Krouza Clifftop. Through its main facade and horizon pool, it overlooks the Paleokastritsa bay, as well as all of north west Corfu up to the smaller islands (mathraki – othoni – erikousa).

The house created and used as a rent villa by an english couple, consists of 3 stories, with 4 large bedrooms, a common living room / kitchen and a large play / home cinema room.

The volume is organized in order to keep the land as intact as possible, being honest to the general ambience of the area. The white colour define the volumes, which stand strong against the North Corfiot winds, makes it stand out of the green and blue context, creates an blank canvas where all summer relaxation and activities take place, and enhances a visitors experience of the Strong Corfiot Sunlight.

The volume of the house is dynamically focused on the front side, with the build pergola-type shaders, which control the levels of sunlight on summer and winter that penetrate the house and the large windows which regardless of the season take in the view. On the external architecture and landscape, the pool is located almost on the cliff itself, providing undisturbed views from the house to the ocean and mountains. In terms of external flooring, 3 different types of flooring have been used, crazy pavement, marble tiles and pebbles that depending on the area and use provide different ambiences and details. Regarding the vegetation, native spices and plants (lavenders, olive trees, cypress trees and other plants that don’t demand cultivation and watering) have been strategically used, creating zones and buffer areas that either block unwanted views, scent the winds and blend the whitewashed volumes with the ever-lasting Corfiot vegetation and context.

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