Stone house at Skripero Corfu

This house, created and constructed for an English couple, is located in Skripero in Central Corfu. The house sits amongst cypress and olive trees on the start of Mount Pantocrator.
The house is organized with a 2 story stone cladded volume, build with a steel frame which hosts the bedrooms, and a lower ground floor volume, with a traditional custom made wooden roof where the kitchen and living room are located.

The stone wall pattern refers to the traditional manor houses found scattered around the area of Central Corfu.
All of the features are custom-made and handmade. No mass production features installed in the house, apart from the hygiene utilities.
The choice of colors was a separate research by itself, as it was created to blend in the environment and at the same time provide a homogenous coloring which showcases the handmade features of the house as well as the stone facades.

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