Kavvadades Corfu





Stone Residence in Kavvadades Corfu

Located on the outskirts of the traditional Kavvadades Village, overlooking the Sidari bay area, we were asked to design a house for tourism exploitation which would also serve special needs occupants. The plot, with a breathtaking 180* views and the rural village on its back had the best chances of capturing the views on the steepest part of the land, in an area where unfortunately, if it was to be placed according to the height lines, would not focus on the views, but rather on the adjacent houses, compromising on views, access and privacy. The solution was given by shifting the monolithic volumetric of the house, providing a reminiscent traditional shape, yet with contemporary dynamics, which would focus on the views, but due to its shape would accommodate easier access to the land, garage and entrance, provide exterior private and pool space and environmental passive energy strategies. The ground floor accommodates the day spaces and a large special needs en-suite bedroom. The staircase which plays a pivotal role in the shape of the building, accents the tilted kitchen area and guides to a double height space followed by three more en-suite bedrooms. The interior materials are carefully selected to enhance the traditional and ephemeral character of a holiday house while at the same time provide a feeling of openness and connectedness to the exterior spaces, blending its boundaries. The chosen main material for the projects construction is local stone, in an attempt to accent the rural character of the village, provide a sense of place whereas the shape of the volume remains contemporary.

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